11 Halloween Candy Alternatives

Perhaps you’re not feeling candy this year. Maybe you’ve experienced the wrath of an over-sugared six-year-old (or their parents). Maybe you can’t trust yourself to sit for hours by the front door with a massive quantity of chocolate without eating most of it yourself. Or maybe you’re a dentist. Don’t worry, there are plenty of

DIY Pumpkin Carving and Decorating

Fall comes with many traditions: football, apple cider, pies, festivals – and, of course, venturing to a pumpkin patch! If you are looking to carve or decorate a pumpkin this fall, here are some ideas to get you started. 1. Use a cookie cutter to create a pattern. Place the cookie cutter on the pumpkin,

Change the Life of a Shelter Dog This October

You can become a dog’s superhero this month – October is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month! You have the power to change the life of a shelter dog by welcoming a new fur-baby into the family. The American Humane Society first established October as the national puppy-loving month to help more than 7 million animals currently in shelters

Transform Your Home into a Haunted House

Now that we are well into October, the countdown continues as people wait in anticipation for the creepiest night of the year: Halloween. Want to give people the chills as they wander past your house on All Hallow’s Eve? Here are a few decor tips. Outdoors Tombstones: Give guests the creeps with a small graveyard

Breast Cancer Awareness: Coping Behind the Pink Ribbons

By Kayla Roofe Editor’s note: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is estimated that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. It’s a disease that affects our friends, sisters, co-workers and mothers. In this post, Kayla Roofe, Social Media Manager at RE/MAX LLC, shares her family’s experience. When

Never Too Early to Plan Your Halloween Party

To all those naysayers out there who say it’s too early to plan a Halloween party, just say, “Booooooooo!” Now is the time to scare up some creepy and creative ideas for a fun-filled fright night! PICK A PARTY THEME Who doesn’t love planning a party? Especially if it’s a costume party. Start looking for

The One Where They Reconsider Apartment Living

In honor of the 25th anniversary of “Friends” this month, we’re looking into the living arrangements of our six favorite “friends”: Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe. They were in their 20s and living in New York City’s West Village – in relatively large apartments. We’ve all thought it, and it has even been

Where Does the Couch Go? Modern-Day Tips for Arranging Your Furniture

By Laura Love Bardell Today’s couches are so much more than the three-seater pieces of days past. Sectionals are useful and stylish, and their shape provides a built-in conversation area. Chaises – perfect for lounging – eliminate the need for an ottoman or footstool. Sometimes, though, it can feel challenging to find the best layout

3 Simple, Impactful Ways to Support Kids During RE/MAX Month of Miracles

By Hayley Schulz Happy Month of Miracles! Though RE/MAX agents celebrate their partnership with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals throughout the year, August is a special time of acknowledgement for the ongoing support agents offer their local communities. RE/MAX Miracle Agents (those donating $500 or more a year to CMN Hospitals) go above and beyond to

June Home Sales Decrease: Could This Bring Some Much-Needed Relief to Buyers?

Months of constricted inventory combined with a steady gain in year-over-year price increases created a recipe for seller’s delight in recent months. But for homebuyers, tight housing markets can mean increased competition (and some headaches!). Trends continue to show a move toward a more balanced market, and the increase in average days on market year-over-year