8 Ways to Give Back to Your Community During the Holidays

Looking for ways to give back this holiday season? Here are a few ideas. 1. Go for wags and wiggles Local animal shelters always need an extra hand, whether it’s for walking dogs, socializing cats or the critical daily chores required to save homeless pets. 2. Yes you can Clear your cabinets of canned food

October Sales Help Position Housing Market for Potential Gains

October 2019 home sales finished 3.9% higher than in October 2018, marking the fourth month in the past six with a year-over-year increase in sales. The October activity was welcome news in a market still challenged by limited inventory and rising prices. According to data in this month’s RE/MAX National Housing Report, October’s Months Supply

8 Tips for Quick Cleaning Before Guests Arrive

No doubt you’ll want your home to look its best for visiting family and friends during the holidays. Here are a few cleaning tips to minimize the time you have to spend making things sparkle. 1. Grout and tight corners Cleaning nooks and crannies doesn’t require elbow grease. A toothbrush is much more effective. 2.

5 De-cluttering Tips for Your Kitchen

Is the chaos on your countertop out of control? Here are a few tips to conquer the clutter. 1. Use it or move itIf you don’t use a mixer, food processor, or other tool more than once a week, stash it in a cupboard. Counter space is precious real estate. 2. Wall-to-wall organization Mount a

4 Tips for a Great Home Theater

Creating a home media center means you’ll never have to put up with the annoying guy at the theater who talks through the whole movie (unless, of course, you’re married to him). Here are a few tips to get you started. Think about acoustics Choose a room with limited windows and doors to seal in

Transform Your Bedroom for a Great Night’s Sleep

Do you struggle to some catch shut-eye? Beyond counting sheep or working your way through “War and Peace,” here are some things you can try to encourage zzzz’s. 1. Skip the bold wall colorsSoft, muted colors on the walls and floors help create a relaxing environment in your bedroom. Keep the bold carpets and wild

Where Does the Couch Go? Modern-Day Tips for Arranging Your Furniture

By Laura Love Bardell Today’s couches are so much more than the three-seater pieces of days past. Sectionals are useful and stylish, and their shape provides a built-in conversation area. Chaises – perfect for lounging – eliminate the need for an ottoman or footstool. Sometimes, though, it can feel challenging to find the best layout

6 Ways to Keep Your Home Flu Free

Keep your home from serving as a breeding ground for the cold or flu virus with these simple tips. 1. Control your remoteWhat’s the first thing someone does after calling in sick to work or school? They grab the remote and hunker down with Netflix and some chicken soup. Make sure their germs don’t stick