5 Ways to Surprise Dad with DIY Home Improvement Projects

For Father’s Day this year, get your dad something he’ll really appreciate – help tackling his home improvement to-do list. Here are a few suggestions: 1. Instead of a fancy shaving kit… … trim the yard. But don’t stop at simply mowing the grass and weeding the beds – add some class with edging. Plastic,

Honoring Dad: What He Really Wants on Father’s Day

Sunday’s the big day for honoring Dads, or anyone else who played a dad-like role in your life. If you’re short of ideas how to celebrate Father’s Day, here are a few suggestions based on an informal survey of three dads: Mow my lawn for me. Take me out to a ball game. Buy me

Up and Away! Hooray for Hot Air Balloon Day!

Celebrated annually on June 5, Hot Air Balloon Day is a celebration that marks the impact hot air balloons have had on travel and leisure. For RE/MAX Affiliates and clients, it’s also the ideal day to recognize one of the most iconic (and fun!) corporate symbols on the planet: the RE/MAX Balloon. Perfectly representing the

How a Home Office Can Increase Appeal for Homebuyers

With housing inventory remaining tight in recent years, RE/MAX agents are diligent about keeping up with the trends to help clients buy and sell properties in this competitive market. “Remote-friendly” workplaces are one of those rising trends. In fact, according to 2018 data from the U.S. Census, nearly 8 million people worked at home in

3 Things to Know About the Housing Market Right Now

Home sales in April increased over March – by more than 11% – and were happening faster too, according to the latest RE/MAX National Housing Report. Instead of spending an average of 59 days on the market, as homes were doing in March, homes in April were selling a week quicker, in an average of

Helpful Flag Etiquette Tips for Memorial Day

Millions of Americans will be displaying their flags over Memorial Day weekend, and it’s a wonderful way to show respect. Do you know the right way to do it? Here are a few helpful reminders: On Memorial Day, the flag should be at half-staff until noon; then it should be hoisted to the very top

Hiring an Agent? Do These 4 Things First

If you’re looking to buy the right home, it often starts with hiring the right real estate agent. But how do you determine which agent is the one for YOU? Narrow down your real estate agent options with these four steps. 1. Read all about ’em Want to know what it’s really like to work

Expert Advice: Staging Your Home for Selling Season

If you own a home, it is likely one of your largest investments. When the time comes to move up or downsize, you want to do everything in your power to protect your equity and get your asking price – or more. One way to ensure your home is listed, and purchased, at the right

A Plan for First-Time Homebuyers: Go from Prepared to Purchase

If you’re a first-time homebuyer who has succeeded in saving enough for a down payment (remember, you don’t necessarily need 20%) on your very first home – congratulations! You’ve tackled one of the hardest parts of the homebuying journey with success, but you haven’t crossed the finish line to homeownership just yet. Now it’s time

The National Housing Market is Rebalancing; It’s a Good Thing!

March is traditionally the harbinger of the busy homebuying and selling season. Last month followed that annual tradition but at a much slower pace than in recent years, according to the latest RE/MAX National Housing Report. Home sales this past month were 8.6 percent lower than sales during March 2018. But should home sellers be